Come as you are. 

Psychotherapy is a safe and private place to explore the issues preventing you from living a more productive, meaningful, happier life. I'm aware that it takes an incredible amount of courage to walk into a therapy room and share things that require great vulnerability - Relationships. Trauma. Anxiety. Depression. Guilt/Shame. Life Transitions. Identity. Marriage and Family Issues. Life is complex, and hard times. I am direct and honest, while honoring your feelings and values. Whatever you're facing, I look forward to exploring these with you, to feel better and find a clearer sense of self.

My style is compassionate and collaborative, ensuring that you feel heard and cared for. I've found also that sensitively inserted humor is often infinitely helpful. Through empathetic, active listening I encourage you to explore the present moment, the past which informs it, and work toward making desired changes in your life. 

I offer a free consultation to address your questions and to schedule an intake session. contact

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